Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Who is color-blind?

In the last two years my long-term goal was to reduce my yarn stash as much as possible. So for every project I did my best to use what I had. That didn't always worked for me so I've decided simply to stop buying any more until there is no other option.
I have been on a yarn diet for six months, since the end of January to be exact.
I am proud to conclude that not only I didn't suffer too much from it but I also managed to use over 7,600 yards / 7000 km of yarn till today from my own stash. Something to be proud of, right?

To celebrate a half-year anniversary (and a finished Cordova) I decided to use an opportunity of a good sale and to purchase Malabrigo Yarn Sock from
Since I already have a project in mind my choice was 1 skein of Natural (063) and 4 skeins of Cote D'Azure (807). The package arrived in two weeks, everything seemed to be ok until I saw the color of the yarn:

Maybe I lost my touch with this yarn diet, I don't know. But instead of comparing the Loveknitting's color card with stash photos on Ravelry and everywhere else,  I kind of relied on their photo skills when I picked this color. What a mistake!
How can anyone think that this dark blue color can look like this??
I realize that color representation is a very tricky thing but this? It's not that it is much more dark in real life, I could live with that, however it's definitely not purple! Very beautiful shade, yes, but a shade of BLUE!
Although very disappointed, I've decided to keep it for a simple reason - they don't have any other color that would work in my project. So I can't exchange it and now I have 5 more skeins of 440 yards each and a headache to find something to do with them.
I hope they will hire someone more skilled in photography because this is not an experience any buyer would like to go through.

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