Saturday, April 18, 2015

Grey has left the building

It is so great to have a family.
And not just any family but those who love what you do and appreciate it even if they do not share your obsession passion for knitting.

Since the fashion trend has shifted (back) to oversized I began to wonder if I should adopt some of it.
I have stated previously that normally this is not my kind of look and it never has been (even when I was much thinner).
But all those square pullovers got me into thinking that I might be missing something. After all, there are so many beautiful designs on Ravelry and even more beautiful sweaters knitted by my fellow Ravelers from all over the world.

I don't really remember why I chose to knit Grey by Kim Hargreaves. But the fact is I should be more careful with my choice of projects.
I did enjoy knitting this pullover. It was pretty mindless process that I could do even when I am half asleep. However the result was not as flattering as I hoped. So frog pond was the only option considered at that time.
But as I said, it's great to have a family. My niece not only prevented the sad end of this project but she actually liked it so much that now the pullover has moved to her closet. 
I love when everything works out so well!


  1. Love the color! Summer and sun, sea and sand = that what I think when I see your pullover