Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cordova in process

This winter I have decided it's time to knit more for myself and less for others. I see so many beautiful sweaters and cardigans in stores and on the street, it makes my fingers go bzzzz with urge to knit something immediately. (Isn't this the first sign of an addiction?)

After finishing Stowe I was a little concerned that any new knit for me will take another year and a great deal of patience. But then I made Gale in less than a month so my faith got uplifted... slightly. Let's be honest, with 8 mm needles it wasn't too hard.

So I began to search for the next big project. There were a few conditions:
  • I have to use my stash only
  • no small size needles otherwise it would take me forever to finish
  • it has to be more classic than trendy but not boring
And then BT Winter 15 got published. The moment I saw Cordova I knew it was it.
Created a project page the same day and began swatching with SweetGeorgia Yarns Trinity Worsted in slate colorway:

It is mostly finished now. I am in the middle of re-knitting of the left sleeve. After this I will make the neckband and that's it.
The yardage is quite big on this one. And it's heavy.
But this doesn't bother me as much as the fact that all 10 skeins I have are of the same dye lot on paper. They are SO DIFFERENT in real life. I had to alternate skeins most of the time, it's so frustrating and truly slows the process.
In a few skeins I found knots and broken strands that I had to weave - you don't expect to find those things in the yarn that costs so much.
Lesson learned.

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