Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Utica Mitts

My hands are always first to suffer from cold in winter. And it doesn't even have to be really cold.
I can barely feel them in the morning driving to work while holding on to a ice cold weel.
Since it's a rather short drive, no point to turn on the heater. Also I am not a fan of walking with hands in my pockets.
I was contemplating to do something about it when the opportunity presented itself in a form of test knit for Melissa Schaschwary. It was a sign!
So here they are, my new mitts. Ready to protect my sensitive skin and to make others roll their eyes (here it is not that common to see a person wearing mitts or gloves).




  1. Replies
    1. В мотке он тоже был очень даже ничего. Но если бы я знала, что полотно так заиграет, купила бы побольше :)

  2. Really beautiful mitts. I hope the pattern will be on sale soon.

    1. Thank you! The test knit is nearly complete so I think the pattern will be available really soon.