Sunday, November 9, 2014


My version of pullover "Berenice" by Julie Hoover:
Beautiful and easy-to-remember lace pattern with a just enough cables to make me like it even more (yes, I love cables and that's pretty obvious - just take a look on my projects' page).
My DD loved the pullover very much, mostly because of the batwing sleeves.
She couldn’t stop putting hands on her waist during the photo shoot :)

The choice of yarn was pretty easy.
I wanted flowing and lightweight  fabric, with a very subtle sheen. Also preferably from the huge stash I keep dreaming to reduce.
I showed to my DD all the yarn we could use and she chose wool/silk blend by BBB filati Meriseta.

The gauge was spot on so no headache with recalculating anything.
For yarn with so high silk percentage I didn't expect it to behave so well after wet-blocking. It grew only where I needed it and kept the afterblocking form after a second bath as well.
It feels really nice and soft. Warm, yes, but not too much, and not scratchy at all.
Couldn't be happier :)


  1. Здорово получилось!

  2. Ваше исполнение меня покорило и цвет мой любимый!

    1. Спасибо! Фиолетовый у меня уже несколько лет в фаворитах. Похоже, это серьезно :)

  3. Очень красиво! Моя увидела свой любимый фиолетовый цвет и сказала, что тоже такое хочет!

    1. Спасибо :)
      Очень рекомендую этот пуловер, удачная модель!