Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pier 30

The moment I saw this gorgeous pullover by Melissa Schaschwary, I knew I have to knit it.
Luckily there was a spot for me in a test group and I was invited by Melissa to join the group.

I was a bit worried about very generous ease of the pullover. So I've chose to knit size 6 y.o.
But when most of the body was done I've realized it wasn't as wide as I thought. Roomy - yes, but not oversized. So I could have made size 8 and still it would fit my girl really well.
Tip for myself for the next time - trust the designer :)

Choosing the yarn - that was a project by itself.
I wanted the pullover to be in a bright color. Its' lines are simple and clear so the whole beauty is in a stitch pattern. 
I have used Lion Brand Cotton-Ease for several projects in the past. And I am really enjoying this yarn every time, knitting and wearing.

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