Saturday, November 16, 2013

Too many hats - no such thing!

For me, a hat or a cowl is the type of accessory that depends mostly on the mood and maybe just a little bit on the weather. So there was no question about how many hats my baby girl should have this winter. I've just kind of went for it. My only concern was the yarn. But since I had some experience with all three yarns I've used for those hats, it's safe to say her sensitive skin won't be complaining.
So let's begin with the fashion show.

Aviatrix baby hat by Justine Turner:

I have used Soul Wool Tibetan for this one. I love this yarn. It's soft like butter and makes you feel like it knits up by itself while you're just holding the needles. My only wish is for it to come in less variegated colors so it would be easier to use it for bigger projects.

I Heart Cables by Justyna Lorkowska:
BBB filati Balmy Pluss is one of my favorites ever. I have it my stash in 9 or 10 different coloways and I plan to stash even more. Great range of colors!
Have used it in a several next-to skin projects in the past and have received only the highest marks for its softness and warmth.
Fern Field Hat with earflaps by Pelykh Natalie:

It's a test-knit and the pattern will be available very soon.
This time it's Vitalgo Alaska - very soft 100% merino that I've used previously for a cowl for myself. Love the touch and the color and it looks like my DD shares those feelings.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Polka Dot

I believe that knitted tunics and vests are #1 necessity in a baby's wardrobe, that and hats of course. So here it is - Polca Dot Tunic:

It came out very warm (I've used wool/cotton blend by Spud & Chloe) and very soft - perfect for baby garment. Also the color is so beautiful.