Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spring cleaning

For some time now I've been thinking how to reduce my yarn stash. Obviously I couldn't just throw it away, and there were no chance for me to use it all.
At the beginning, as an inexperienced knitter, I used to buy all kinds of low-budget yarn, most of it was 100% acrylic. The color range was amazing and the price very affordable so I did what every addict does - I stashed it over and over again.
After nearly six years of non-stop knitting I finally came to conclusion that no matter how beautiful those colors are I always do my best to use yarn with natural fibers in my projects. And all that acrylic keeps lying in a box (a pretty big box - 65 liters capacity) year after year:

Recently I forced myself to knit a couple of projects using only an acrylic yarn and both times I was disappointed with a result. I haven't really enjoyed a process either. At that point I realized that it's time for a thorough yarn-spring-cleaning with no mercy.

Fortunately my mother-in-law has a friend who teaches knitting at a Community Center and at a nursing home. So the solution for my problem became very simple - all that yarn was packed and sent away.
Honestly I do not know who was happier - me or the person who received that package. I only know that for me it was like a birthday or some other big holiday to see the box finally empty.

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