Thursday, October 3, 2013

Her first knitwear

Usually I don't do re-knitting of the same garment in different sizes. I don't like repeats because there is no challenge or any surprise in a process. That is why I rarely agree to knit for others something I have already made for my elder DD or for myself.
But this time it is different. Now I have another baby girl who needs to upgrade her wardrobe :)
This cardigan took a lot of time for such a tiny garment (probably because of the reason I mentioned above). But I love the result very much and so does my younger DD:

The yarn was very nice to work with. After washing it didn't stretch or anything. Zero color bleeding or peeling, and so soft - I couldn't believe it's 100% cotton. I am used to the crisp of a mercerized cotton but this one is not. Even has a soft sheen like microfiber.
I took a chance ordering it in two colorways and now I'm glad I did.

I am still not sure whether to publish the pattern for one size or to do the math and test knit in other sizes. It is pretty simple cardi and does not require an experienced knitter to modify it for the desired size.

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