Saturday, November 16, 2013

Too many hats - no such thing!

For me, a hat or a cowl is the type of accessory that depends mostly on the mood and maybe just a little bit on the weather. So there was no question about how many hats my baby girl should have this winter. I've just kind of went for it. My only concern was the yarn. But since I had some experience with all three yarns I've used for those hats, it's safe to say her sensitive skin won't be complaining.
So let's begin with the fashion show.

Aviatrix baby hat by Justine Turner:

I have used Soul Wool Tibetan for this one. I love this yarn. It's soft like butter and makes you feel like it knits up by itself while you're just holding the needles. My only wish is for it to come in less variegated colors so it would be easier to use it for bigger projects.

I Heart Cables by Justyna Lorkowska:
BBB filati Balmy Pluss is one of my favorites ever. I have it my stash in 9 or 10 different coloways and I plan to stash even more. Great range of colors!
Have used it in a several next-to skin projects in the past and have received only the highest marks for its softness and warmth.
Fern Field Hat with earflaps by Pelykh Natalie:

It's a test-knit and the pattern will be available very soon.
This time it's Vitalgo Alaska - very soft 100% merino that I've used previously for a cowl for myself. Love the touch and the color and it looks like my DD shares those feelings.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Polka Dot

I believe that knitted tunics and vests are #1 necessity in a baby's wardrobe, that and hats of course. So here it is - Polca Dot Tunic:

It came out very warm (I've used wool/cotton blend by Spud & Chloe) and very soft - perfect for baby garment. Also the color is so beautiful.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Spikelets Hat

The pattern is now live - Spikelets Hat:


The Spikelets Hat comes in two versions:
  • 1 set of cables and a double seed stitch across the hat
  • cables all over (like in the Spikelets Cowl)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sweet Heart Tunic

A seamless tunic knitted bottom up with two buttons on the left shoulder:

It took almost the whole skein of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease with less then 10 meters leftover.
The tunic probably will turn into a vest very soon but it will still be wearable.

Spring cleaning

For some time now I've been thinking how to reduce my yarn stash. Obviously I couldn't just throw it away, and there were no chance for me to use it all.
At the beginning, as an inexperienced knitter, I used to buy all kinds of low-budget yarn, most of it was 100% acrylic. The color range was amazing and the price very affordable so I did what every addict does - I stashed it over and over again.
After nearly six years of non-stop knitting I finally came to conclusion that no matter how beautiful those colors are I always do my best to use yarn with natural fibers in my projects. And all that acrylic keeps lying in a box (a pretty big box - 65 liters capacity) year after year:

Recently I forced myself to knit a couple of projects using only an acrylic yarn and both times I was disappointed with a result. I haven't really enjoyed a process either. At that point I realized that it's time for a thorough yarn-spring-cleaning with no mercy.

Fortunately my mother-in-law has a friend who teaches knitting at a Community Center and at a nursing home. So the solution for my problem became very simple - all that yarn was packed and sent away.
Honestly I do not know who was happier - me or the person who received that package. I only know that for me it was like a birthday or some other big holiday to see the box finally empty.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Her first knitwear

Usually I don't do re-knitting of the same garment in different sizes. I don't like repeats because there is no challenge or any surprise in a process. That is why I rarely agree to knit for others something I have already made for my elder DD or for myself.
But this time it is different. Now I have another baby girl who needs to upgrade her wardrobe :)
This cardigan took a lot of time for such a tiny garment (probably because of the reason I mentioned above). But I love the result very much and so does my younger DD:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nala & Summer Days

Finally some modeled photos of those two little knits I have finished a long time ago.
Both shrugs (or in my case a shrug and a cropped cardigan) are designed by talented Elena Nodel (a.k.a Anadiomena on Ravelry).


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Small Epiphany

Recently I realized that over the years sometimes I actually have been knitting using my own ideas. Maybe it's time to revisit some of them and write them down.
So as a first try I have decided to re-knit this cardigan in smaller size so it would be my newborn baby girl's first knitwear for upcoming fall.
This was the original idea:

My elder daughter wore it to the kindergarten quite frequently.  It was very comfortable, didn't get in a way of all that jumping, running, climbing and what not.

Spikelets Cowl

Last month I have published my first pattern  - Spikelets Cowl

I asked my niece to participate in a short photo shoot for the pattern and she bravely agreed.
Why bravely? Because it's 33 degrees outside and it does not get any cooler for at least a couple of weeks.

The First One

Generally I am a very private person until it comes to knitting.
I could knit all day long and try very much to do so. But when I cannot longer feel my hands I read about knitting and plan my future projects.
So that is what my blog will be all about.